Terms of Service


It is not allowed to upload viruses, trojans and illegal material via AnonFilex. Such files will be removed without notice. You can report files which violates our Terms of use. If you upload, you automatically agree to the terms of use and can therefore be held responsible for illegal and/or Copyright infringement material.


Files can be removed anytime for any reason. Most likely this won't happen but if it does, don't expect any kind of notice.


No logs are kept, no logs over uploading nor over downloading. No IP's, session time is collected. Download links are not stored and files are not linked to user in any way. We reserve right to enable logging temporarily if we suspect abuse activity in order to prevent it.

Fair usage

Service is subject to fair usage. Don't upload TV shows, movies etc. They are most likely copyrighted and it wastes our brandwidth. Buy netflix! All content uploaded is the sole responsiblity of the uploader, and the uploader retains full ownership.

Administrative measures

AnonFilex administrators has the right to remove and/or permanently ban file content they find inappropriate.

Report abuse

If you suspect a file violates our Terms of Service, you can report it (with valid reason, or proof of ownership and proper paperwork) to anonfxabuse22linuxmail[dot]org (replace 22 with @ sign)


This user agreement is subject to change at any time. You are technically bound to accept this agreement by accessing/using the service.